Statement by Independent Candidate Achilleas Demetriades on the anniversary of the declaration of the breakaway ‘state’

 A ‘grand coalition’ of pro-solution forces can avert the slide to partition

This year marks the 39th anniversary from the declaration of the breakaway ‘state’ on 15 November, 1983; an illegal, unacceptable and condemnable act.

This anniversary finds Cyprus at its worst juncture since 1974.

  • The settlement talks were broken off in 2017. Varosha is being opened up, step by step.
  • Effectively, the UN is not pursuing any initiatives and the Cyprus issue does not figure on the agenda of any international organisation.
  • Turkey recently secured observer status for the breakaway “state” in the ‘Organisation of Turkic States’.
  • The Republic of Cyprus’ energy programme remains problematic with the exception of the agreements with Egypt.

This state of affairs should spark mobilisation to avert the worse and ends our to achieve the best possible outcomes. But this is not what is happening.

  • The outgoing Anastasiades government is busy camouflaging the tragic deadlock, trying to make it appear to G/C public opinion that it is undertaking initiatives. But this is not the case, since the international community does not take it seriously.
  • The credibility of the outgoing government is at an all-time low because of its conduct at and after Crans-Montana, and due to the tarnishing of Cyprus’ name abroad because of the ‘golden passports’ issue.

Daily condemnations of Turkey on TV for internal consumption are not enough. With eroded credibility and choices that contribute to the continuation of the current state of affairs, we cannot exit the vicious circle that the outgoing president and his close associates have brought us.

The anniversary of the declaration of the breakaway ‘state’ is a date not without significance because it gives us the opportunity to take stock of where we stand and the need to take decisions.

The anniversary demonstrates the need to reach the right conclusions and change course of action. We have significant potential that we can capitalise on. We are a member state of the EU and have ‘two keys’ to amend the negative state of affairs – energy and EU-Turkish relations.

There are many difficulties ahead, which is why all those forces that believe in a Cyprus settlement should work together. There is a need for courage and determination, taking inspiration from the example of countries such as Germany to put together a ‘Grand Coalition’ based on sound positions, so as to bring the substance of the Cyprus issue to the forefront of the EU and UN agenda.

We have a responsibility towards the younger generation. We should not allow Cyprus to fall on the rocks of partition.

Cyprus deserves better!

Nicosia, 15 November 2022



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