Statement after first round of presidential elections Announcement on Thursday on which candidate he will support

Achilleas Demetriades will announce which candidate he will support in the second round of the presidential elections on Sunday, 12 February, at a press conference next Thursday.

In brief statements at his campaign headquarters, the independent candidate in the first round of the elections, reiterated that he has come to stay, something that he will continue to say.

As to the results of Sunday’s election (5 February), Achilleas Demetriades said the 2.04% of the vote he had secured islandwide, “could have been higher.”

“I assure you that in the name of the people who supported these positions, I would like to continue because I believe we have embarked on a new way of looking at things and I hope that this dialogue will help our society progress.”

Mr Demetriades congratulated the two candidates who went through to next Sunday’s second round, Nikos Christodoulides and Andreas Mavroyiannis, and said that based on the 12 priorities he had set out, he was ready to discuss “issues of principle so that we can move forward and decide whom of the two we will support.”

During the election campaign, he continued “we set out principles and clear positions, underlining the importance of the honest state which is now in the public discussion and the serious issues that are of concern to society.”

Replying to a question as to his next moves in the political arena, he said that he was in no position now to refer to the methodology he will follow, that is whether it will be an umbrella, a platform or some cooperation. “We will see,” he added.

Concluding, Mr Demetriades thanked all those who honoured him with their vote, the movement ‘Famagusta for Cyprus’, for their support and the members of his campaign team who, he noted, “did incredible work in the past few months.” He also thanked the team at the office of the Chief Returning Officer and the public officials who made this process a “celebration of democracy” as he said.

He extended special thanks to his family and friends, who he said “first of all tolerated me and gave me the strength to continue this effort which I believe is the right road.”

Cyprus deserves better!

Nicosia, 6 February, 2023

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