I support Andreas Mavroyiannis


Statement on the second round of the presidential elections

During the election campaign, I had repeatedly said that I would make public my choice between the two candidates who make it through to the second round. I feel I have this responsibility, given that I stood in the elections and asked for the public’s vote.

I had also stated, and I repeat today, that my position does not in any way bind those who honoured me with their votes, whom I would like once again to thank. As in the first round, now too I urge them to vote in line with their conscience, for what is best for the country.

I also thank all those who took part in the meeting we held on Tuesday. The mass turnout and primarily the fruitful and substantial dialogue was very encouraging and gives me strength to continue the effort I have started.

Ahead of the second round of the presidential elections, I met with both Mr Andreas Mavroyiannis as well as Mr Nicos Christodoulides.

I gave to both in writing the twelve priorities that I had unveiled at the press conference of 2 February, 2023 which cover the three pillars of my election programme:

  • The honest state
  • Cyprus 2035
  • No to partition – a solution is in our interest

We exchanged views with two candidates and I also received their replies in writing.

The decision was not easy because I had and continue to have a different approach on a number of issues. Moreover, there were confrontations during the long election campaign which unavoidably sparked emotions which we must not allow to influence our judgement on a decision which is so important for our country. We have more differences on the Cyprus issue with Mr Christodoulides and the political forces that support his candidacy.  We also have a different perspective on issues that concern stamping out corruption.

With Mr Mavroyiannis we exchanged views on the Cyprus issue and I underlined the urgent need for boldness and initiatives so that Cyprus does not fall onto the rocks of partition. I also voiced my rationale and concerns about the economy, given the challenges the country will face and the need for fiscal discipline. I was happy to note that we found common ground in our discussion as regards tackling corruption.

As to the dilemma of the second round of the presidential elections, based on the political dialogue I had with the two candidates and their positions, I announce my support for the candidacy of Mr Andreas Mavroyiannis.

I want to be absolutely clear that the criteria in my decision are exclusively political. They are linked only to political positions and priorities and do not involve any trade-offs. As I have often stated, this kind of politics does not concern me, nor does it interest me.

I would also like to clarify that irrespective of who is elected the next president of the Republic, I will continue to make proposals, to monitor how power is exercised and to criticise mistaken decisions or choices, deficiencies that are not put right, and also if I determine that there is lack of boldness or failure to act on important issues that need to be addressed immediately.

I believe that through the proposals I made during the election campaign and also the priorities that I raised with the two candidates in the second round of the elections, I have contributed to a significant extent to putting the Honest State and a single, united and green Cyprus on the political agenda.

I am active in political life and will remain so, because I am interested in contributing to social progress.


Nicosia, 9 February 2023




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